As the artist, we’ll work together to create a work of art that is beautiful, unique and personalized to you

  • Paintings are created by Liliana Navarro from photo references.
  • Multiple images can be used to create one painting. 
  • Reference photos do not need to be professionally shot, but it’s important they be high quality
  • Portraits take two months to finish, accompanied with photo updates of your work throughout the process. Timing varies depending on art medium and canvas size.
  •  Email your reference photo, preferred canvas size & any unique qualities you’d love to see in your artwork to

        Prices for Acrylic Portraits:

        Subjects:                       1                2

        8x10                                $125            -—-

        11x14                               $200           $275

        16x20                               $425           $575

         18x24                               $600           $725 

        Prices for Colored Pencil Portraits:

         Subjects:                               1                

              11x14                        $150         

        18x24                        $230   


           These prices do not include shipping costs which will be determined. Payments are only taken through Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp. Currency is USD.